General Consult:

Have specific baby, skin, and beauty needs? Need a young adult or teenage skin care regimen? Want to learn a bit more about junk free products? Book an appointment for a consultation, so we can walk you through some ingredients to look out for, and provide you with the right products for you. 30 min.

Skincare Consult:

Want to start a skincare routine? Have problem skin? acne, rosacea, eczema? Come on in and let’s have a chat. We’ll discuss your skin history, product usage, and goals. With our guidance, you’ll soon be on your way to glowing, clear skin! 30 mins.

Baby Product Consult:

Expecting? New Mom? Don’t know where to start? Book a Baby Product Consult and we’ll do the rest. Come sit in our warm, cozy space and we’ll talk you through our baby product options and customize a basket to  fit your needs. Basket to be packaged and delivered when the baby arrives, or you can take it home with you. 45-60 min.


Makeup Consult:

Ready to clean up your makeup? Look no further. Junk Free Beauty carries a dozen lines of non-toxic, luxurious skincare brands that are Green Beauty Market must-haves. Our employees are well-versed in makeup and can help you find the right shades, colors and the perfect routine for your lifestyle needs.


We’ll be posting our open hours weekly on our instagram page. Pop into the store and browse our selection of cleaning, baby, skin and makeup products, and learn a little bit too!