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We all know there’s way more to beauty than food, stress management, sleep, products, and mental health (as if THAT’S NOT TOO DAMN MUCH). There are also the trusted tools we use on a day-to-day basis. As we are people of self-care, ritual, and of course a little vanity here and there, we thought we’d treat you to some of our best beauty tools. Of course, these are tried and trusted by us-- don’t hate us if you hate em.

The first thing people are going to see when you say hi?


I discovered this baby at Dean’s Health Market on Route 35 last summer. I appreciate that I could dispose of it consciously, and I thoroughly enjoy the soft bristles and wide bristle head.


Here are the replacement heads. Remember, you should be changing your toothbrush head every few months- ESPECIALLY if you leave it out in your bathroom (as opposed to in a cabinet).



Tongue Scraper. Yes this may sound like a form of governmental torture. But lo and behold scraping your tongue can benefit your oral health and more importantly, your breath. This ritual was brought to me by healthy lifestyle blogger, Lee From America, and I haven’t looked back since:


To use: after brushing, bring the “U” part of the scraper as far back on your tongue as you can-- stick it all the way out-- then press down with a little pressure and scrape forward into the sink. You can do it a few times. It may be uncomfortable at first, but then you’ll get used to it. Keep it in a ceramic or glass cup in a cabinet or under your sink. Wash after use with hot water.


In my futile requests for thicker and longer hair (been working on it for forever), I did find one tool that I enjoy using very much- this bamboo hairbrush. It helps spread oils from the roots all the way down the hair shaft without making snagging and ripping my delicate hair out.


Gloria has been LOVING this hair wrap. It severely decreased the frizziness in her hair and is hopefully going to help maintain the strength of her current hair strands that fall out due to the tension and weight of a huge towel wrap. Look out for a blog post on this soon.



Dry brushing is still something I have yet to do, but I’ve had the brush sitting in my drawer for a while. The idea is simple-- brushing your dry body helps invigorate circulation and flush out toxins. Dry brushing also sloughs off dead skin, and the fresh blood flow helps to diminish cellulite, unclog pores, and repair skin.



In terms of makeup application, everyone certainly has their preferred tools. I am currently using an eccentric mix of Mac brushes from my high school years sprinkled with some pharmacy-grade EcoTools and some nondescript loners that I couldn’t place if I tried. At the end of the day, I whip out my good ol’ beauty blender and use that and my fingers for pretty much any look.

Best results come by running this plush egg under warm water and squeezing it out a couple times until it expands. Keeping it damp will help you achieve a glowy look. Make sure to wash this once a week as it can build up bacteria. Just pump some castile soap onto it and squeeze under water until it all comes out. Leave out to dry.


Chloe, on the other hand, has been loving these toothrbrush-like face brushes, so I’m sharing them here too:



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