Debunking Myths and Things That Don’t Exist: Part I


In my modest few weeks of working consistently at the store in our new summer location (341 Main St., Allenhurst, NJ!), I’ve noticed some recurring requests and questions that need to be addressed. Here’s to debunking some skincare myths and breaking it to you, my consumers, that sadly, some things simply don’t exist, despite what the mainstream beauty industry tries to sell you.

Oil- Free Skincare

There’s no such thing. If there is no oil in your products.. what the heck is in it? Oils are truly the base of every product that we sell. To varying degrees, of course, and of different nuts and fruit and plants, but… there is truly no such (non-toxic) product without oil! Oil is a skincare STAPLE, an essential, direct source of moisture that has so many benefits and that the skin literally couldn’t function without.

This should make you wonder deeply what in the world is in those innocent white and blue bottle of “oil-free” moisturizer and sunscreen! (probably: a lot of synthetic fillers, likely: thick waxes and esters). The same way mainstream media made everyone believe that fat is bad for you (ITS. NOT.)(Also, milk is fat by nature. What the heck is low-fat milk?! Its MILK POWDER mixed with WATER and SUGAR. Time to board the whole-milk and cheese and yogurt train!)  is the same way Neutrogena commercials tried to indoctrinate us that any and all oil causes pimples. Thats not exactly how it works. Look here and here for more details about pimples. 

Mineral Sunscreen That Rubs in Completely

Mineral Sunscreen is usually made with either  Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. Good mineral sunscreen will use these minerals in a non-nano form. That essentially means bigger sized particles. Both are naturally occurring minerals that are WHITE and OPAQUE. Thus, these substances are excellent at physically deflecting the sun’s rays and protecting the skin cells from sun damage. This process is in opposition to chemical sunscreen (oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate), which absorbs the sun’s rays and then releases the energy from the skin. These chemicals are touted by the EWG as endocrine disruptors, estrogenic (mimicking estrogen), and could interfere with hormonal processes in the body. So, we will never endorse them. We’re stuck with thick, white, pasty sunscreen.

Titanium Dioxide
 Zinc Oxide

How do we reconcile our vanity with our desire to maintain health? For adults, read the next paragraph. For kids… deal with it. Personally, it gives me all the good feels when I see kids on the beach with streaky white faces and backs. A white (sunscreened) face is a protected one.

Read here for more about chemical sunscreen.


Mineral sunscreen is a bit of a nag to apply. Ya need a good shot-glass’s worth for each application, it has to be applied 20-30 min before sun exposure, and reapplied after swimming, sweating, or toweling off. If you’re using it and still getting burnt, check yourself according to those three steps. Otherwise, check the expiration date on the bottle.

We feel ya, Jim.



Sunscreen is NOT the only form of sun protection! protective clothing, hats and sunglasses, and staying in the shade are all good ways of decreasing exposure to the sun. Don’t expect to sit out  nearly naked for half a dozen hours and not come back like crispy chicken.

Moisturizer “with SPF”

Most conventional makeup that claims to have SPF are either:

  1. using chemical sunscreen, and/or
  2. sprinkling a couple drops of said stuff to the formula in order to make the claim. We already know that the FDA doesn’t regulate skincare, so no one can really confirm whether there’s any sun protection factor at all.

Also, we know that mineral sunscreen (again, the only sun protection we’ll endorse)  is super white and opaque. How could an everyday moisturizer really have enough sunscreen to protect us without looking white?

DO ANY non-toxic skincare/mineral sunscreen combos exist?

Junk Free Beauty carries two:

  1. Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream is truly a unicorn. This is the one and only product that is both a daily moisturizer AND has SPF 30 using Zinc Oxide. How’d he pull this off? In a nutshell, Josh used a super high-quality non-nano, high-micron and uncoated zinc oxide.  This cream finishes matte, is lightweight and smooth, and has no white cast. Some caveats: apply away from eyes, reapply after sweating, and never rub in- lightly tap all over face instead.

2. Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen is the PERFECT solution. The tint in the products neutralizes the white cast of zinc oxide (which provides an SPF of 30) and gives the sunscreen a dual purpose: an excellent base for makeup! Truly one of our best-sellers and personal favorites, Junk Free Beauty carries this product in 3 shades that work for so many skin tones. I don’t go one day without it!

I really hope this cleared up some things, folks.

Part 2 coming up ASAP!



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