Hello. Rachel Dweck here.

Sitting here in my kitchen drinking coffee with one of my daughters.

I am forty eight years old living in Brooklyn NY with the hubby and kids.

Up until this point, I have been a Diet-Coke-sipping, Chanel-lipgloss-wearing, salon-regular kind of gal. Completely oblivious to the fact that toxins are lurking everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Forty eight years old, and dumb as a doorknob to the tragic fact that our beloved government does not protect us from our skin, hair, and beauty products. Even more tragic is that we, as consumers, lather up our babies and children in these same products. It is a billion dollar industry, lead by manufacturers whose sole interest is to make their products accessible and affordable for the masses. There is nothing wrong with that ideology, but when that goal is compromised by industries using cheaper ingredients, which include carcinogens and toxins, that’s when it becomes immoral.And very dangerous. No one is being held accountable. The FDA allows the companies to monitor themselves, allowing them to use whatever ingredients they want. They can slap the word NATURAL on it and all of America buys and believes.

I’m writing to bring awareness to people like me. The layman. My daughter Doris and I have been investigating and will continue to investigate companies like Johnson and Johnson (the worst), Estee Lauder, Finesse shampoo and many others. We will discuss everything from lip balms to tampons in an attempt to better our choices for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and hopefully, slow down the ever-growing problem of avoidable illness, infertility, autism and so many other atrocities happening today. All because large companies want to make money at our expense. The american dream (greed) is killing America.

Maybe one woman sitting with a cup of coffee can help another woman just like her start to make informed decisions.

As senator Edward kennedy said as the senate hearings on FDA reform bill “then cosmetics industry has borrowed a page from the playbook of the tobacco industry by putting profits ahead of public health” At least cigarettes (finally) have a warning sign…


Stay tuned.

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