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Since my last post, I have been reading away… and learned that I’m definitely no scientist, and now I know why I failed chemistry. Sooo. Thank God I found this book– it really hit a home run.

Every chapter is blowing my mind, from the toxicity of Keratin hair treatment (which I’ve done a few times, which burn my eyes and throat, and which I always swear I won’t do again) to the harmful chemicals in baby products, to the topic of today: nail polish.

I’m starting with nails because I just stopped getting gel manicures after having done them for six months.

Six months of heaven: never a nail chipped, perfect for a busy woman on the go who just can’t hold a martini glass with a chipped nail…

Ever since I stopped getting the gel nails, my nails look literally like paper, even thinner than paper… more like tissue paper. This led me to wonder what the heck was going on with those gel manis.

Chapter 8 of Dirty Looks definitely shed light on that very innocent, weekly pick-me-up of about every teenage and young adult in my community.

Here’s what I got:

We forget that nails are an extension of our body, and that they absorb whatever we put on them. Now add to that that we soak them multiple times making them more porous and susceptible to toxins. Then, we pile on acrylics and varnishes that contain the most toxic ingredients on the beauty market, and then to top it all off, the stunning glossy polish itself, most commonly made up of three chemicals:

1- Toluene

2- DBP (a phthalate)

3- Formaldehyde

The first makes the polish go on smoothly, the second is a plasticizer, and the third is a hardener.

Toluene is banned and restricted in other countries.

DBP is one of the phthalates banned in Europe

Formaldehyde is classified as a known carcinogen in humans.

(not to mention what those UV light dryers are doing to our delicate skin..)



By the way, nail polish is classified as hazard waste in California. You can’t put your polish and remover in the regular trash.

I can’t even get into fake nails, cuticle creams and nail polish remover… You just must read the book.

So my new goals are as follows:

To go polish-free here and there, and embrace the look of my naked nails. This will also allow them to regain strength and health. For those times when I just NEED my mani-cation me-time, I ordered some junk free  PRITI nail polish,  and some cleaner ZOYA polishes as well. As for polish remover, try this.

Shout out to a friend who 30 years ago went without polish and was always aware of chemicals lurking in everything.. she was wise beyond her years. She also makes great vegan and organic cakes @motherearthmuffins.

Till next time xo

Oh. And read the book!



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