“But why do I need to switch to non-toxic if my skin looks fine?” – 99% of people who come into JFB

You walked into the store, or popped onto this blog for a reason, so get ready to learn!

While mainstream products like cleansers, acne treatments, and deodorants may seem to work for your skin, do you know what will happen in the long run?

Believe me, it wasn’t long ago that I, like many of you readers, swore by my name brand seaweed cleanser, toner, and honey-almond moisturizer (boy, did it smell good!). But it wasn’t until this summer when I went JUNK FREE that I started to receive literal PRAISE from friends and family about my radiant skin. The switch wasn’t an overnight process. I didn’t see the need to change until I learned what I’m about to tell you. 

Yes, your skin looks clear. Yes, you’re pimple free. But your bloodstream is loaded with chemicals that can lead to skin diseases, cancers, Alzheimers, etc. This is no joke, Beauties.

While the retinol, alcohols, and other thousands of manufactured compounds are clearing your acne on a chemical level, they’re ultimately harming your skin and overall health.

I’ve been following a blog on Instagram called @chemist.confession. The blog tackles ingredients in popular products that you can find at your local pharmacy or Sephora, explaining how, on a chemical level, the compounds in these products work to help your skin. Sure, “retinol has been found to reduce the enzymes matrix-metalloproteinase, collagenase, and gelatenase [sic]  which are all responsible for triggering collagen matrix degradation. More collagen = firmer younger skin” (c.c., Oct. 11)! So, yes, retinol will cure your wrinkles a bit…


HOWEVER, retinol, along with many other manmade compounds in your routine products are doing more harm than good.

Take a look at the screenshot below, which was taken directly from (THE resource for learning about toxic vs. nontoxic ingredients):

That’s a hazard score of 9… 10 being the highest. Click here for better view.

Yeah, you saw that right… dang.

According to the EWG, Retinol has a high overall hazard risk, which includes a low cancer risk and a high developmental and reproductive toxicity concern. 


Other risks for Retinol include the following:

  • “Retinols are an extreme exfoliator that prematurely removes skin cells, forcing the turnover of new skin cells. This creates new skin that looks good in the short term, but it will make the skin thinner over time. More importantly, there are forms of retinol that can be harmful: tretinoin is toxic and retinyl palmitate can become toxic when exposed to sunlight.”
  • “The main two concerns are around tretinoin and retinyl palmitate. The FDA warns against using sunscreens with retinyl palmitate as it becomes carcinogenic in sunlight. Tretinoin is a well-known toxin and, in particular, should not be used around the eyes. Finally, pregnant women should avoid all forms of retinol as they are teratogens (which means they can disturb the development of a fetus).”Full article here.
  • “Vitamin A derivatives, including retinol, rapidly break down when exposed to the sun and air. That’s why retinol-containing products should always come in pumps or tubes with tight-fitting caps. Once opened, these products do not keep well and should be used within a couple of months.” Full article here.

[These articles do conclude that a safe use for retinol would be only at night, provided the product is stable, packaged properly, and within the expiration guidelines. At JFB, however, this is an ingredient we’re happy to pass up in lieu of safer options.]


So yeah, you’ll look like Pharrell Williams (not literally, he just doesn’t age)

But this is only one instance…


So, now that I’ve just scared you about half the products that are currently on your face (sorry, not sorry), what are you supposed to do about those frightening, but very common (we’re all gonna get em eventually), ~ w r i n k l e s ~

Here’s a basic process on how to go about preventing and treating your wrinkles.

We asked ya’ll on instagram what you wanted to hear about and you voted for a post on products and skincare, so here’s what we got.


Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist, but you should definitely be drinking a TON of water. Dehydration leads to many things, but one of them is dry skin, which eventually, if not worked with, will lead to wrinkles. So drink up!

Step 2: Proper Cleansing

You’ve gotta take off that makeup and dirt that builds up on your skin, crawling into your pores on a day to day basis (and yes, even when you’re asleep!)

Morning and night, you should be using a clean, non toxic cleanser. I suggest one of these:

This milky formula brings all the dirt to the yard. (Yeah? No? I tried.)

MUN/ AWKI cleanser


WE/ Deep Pore Cleanser

For mature skin. All organic and not complaining.

DA/ Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser




Okay, I’m about to get super scientific on you, so bare with me.
Remember 7th grade biology: pH levels?

Well, our skin is naturally at an acidic pH level, normally between a 4-5.5

But when we wash our face, which is an essential part of our skincare routine, we bring our skin’s pH up to a basic level, a 7.5 or up.

The issue with this is that in order to absorb the moisture and nutrients that are on our skin, we need to bring the organ back to an acidic level. This is what a toner does. It balances your pH back to its proper, acidic level to prepare our skin for nourishment (kinda cool, huh?)

So, if we want our skin to be able to drink up the moisture, hence, hydrate dem wrinkles, we must tone twice daily after cleansing.


These are my go-tos:


Floral and sticky. Budget friendly.

WE/ Chamomile

The typical spray toner in a serum form. Amaze.

DA/ Organic Herbal Toner

Top of the line. Aloe water with a laundry list of botanicals. Smells like cherries.

JR/ Hydrating Accelerator



Step 4: Nourish & Moisturize

This is my favorite part!

The Piece de Resistance.

AN/ Holi Oil

A classic: a balm with a light, creamy finish.

JR/Vital Balm

A small bottle with a big output.

OD/ Wrinkle Serum


So there you have it!

Now that I’ve personally selected my favorite products to help hydrate and nourish your skin, you officially have no excuse to still be using those junk-filled wrinkle curers.


Just remember, while you think your skin looks great now, just wait until you try all the good stuff!


Have fun looking glowy & dewy!





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