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If you’ve been up to date on our instagram, you’ve seen that Junk Free Beauty has officially opened its doors, and I am proud to report that it is going excellently. There is a palpable excitement when customers walk in, a sense of awe, of discovery, of new beginnings. Its a feeling that causes anxiety because there’s just so much I don’t know, so much I want to share, but also without overwhelming a person. It causes anxiety because with every enthusiastic patron of JFB I am validated in that we are the hub of this vast and quickly rotating wheel, we are the pioneers of our little town, and we have such a responsibility to really deliver, educate, and improve lives. This endeavor is thrilling, its exhausting, it is full of decisions, and so often we think: WHAT THE HELL DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO, but then, we’ll get a message about someone loving their new products, their skin, the smell, the feeling of the soap, of bettering their health and cleansing themselves of crap that they didn’t know was in there in the first place, and we think- ok. This is good. We can do it, and we will. We’re in it for the long run.

A few observations upon reflection of the opening:

  • I expected more naysayers regarding the idea of toxic chemicals in products, but have found to the contrary, people are understanding more and more that its a dog eat dog world and that we live in a country that capitalizes on our ignorance. Knowledge is power, its empowering, and its contagious.


  • After using their products, people were genuinely surprised at how much they enjoyed them. I didn’t realize that many women would be reluctant to switch to nontoxic thinking that the performance would be subpar. In my head, the fact that this is whats SUPPOSED to be on my skin makes it a winner in my book. Nontoxic products are awesome. They are clean and fresh and delicious and make me feel just so me when I wear them. Nothing is going to make you stop sweating. Nothing is going to make your lipstick last till Friday. But thats not what matters anymore.


  • Swapping to nontoxic products is not just a change in name brand, but a change in beauty routine perspective and in self-image. Its a world of multi-use, less is more, simple is pretty. There’s no cake faces, contouring, twenty hair products, three hundred eyeshadows. Its a cleansing oil for the face, a body wash that doubles as a shampoo, a spritz of leave in conditioner. Its a tinted moisturizer and a mascara. Its you with some filter.


So, my JFBeauties. We hope to see you soon.



(thats me in the hat.)

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