The issue, in a nutshell.


“If you think the government is looking out for your health by making sure the products you use everyday are safe, think again. Personal care products – including everything from toothpaste to makeup to shampoo – are FULL of questionable ingredients, and the FDA has no authority to test cosmetics products for safety before they’re sold in stores.

Many of these products can contain hazardous ingredients like endocrine-distupting phthalates or formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.



It’s a simple equation: 

...not like this one.
…not like this one.


Our skin absorbs about 80% of the things we put on it. I know this from having had poison ivy twice, and having used topical ointments to relieve itch. I know this from my makeup clients whose faces practically ate up blush. I know this because I moisturize and my skin drinks it in. You know this too.


People want to make money. Making money means spending less money than you take in. To spend less money, you need to use cheaper, easy to make ingredients. You need to use ingredients that make your products last longer on shelves, deliver results quicker, look and smell better.


You putting these products on your skin, with these ingredients in it, and your skin pulls it into your body. Your body may or may not know what to do with these chemicals. They eat away at your body, attack, disrupt, and infiltrate your healthy organs and bodily systems.

There are a couple more equations to add to the formula, like:

Manufacturers use junky, toxic ingredients in their products


the FDA/Government does not regulate/turns a blind eye towards it


you, the consumer, gets duped into purchasing poisonous goods and slathering yourself in it.

Or, how about:

You, the consumer, is indoctrinated with the idea that you live in a safe, protective country


your seemingly relative health


the lack of blatant information or disclosure regarding the ingredients used to make your skincare (plus food, furniture, clothing, bedding, cleaning products…)


Your skepticism and/or ignorance about the idea of toxins lurking in everything that you purchase… an ignorance which continues to pay for the marketing that has created this very deceit in the first place.


angry yet?

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