Gardeners Pumice Soap
Rachel Robyn

Gardeners Pumice Soap

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Introducing Rachel Robyn, A Junk Free Beauty Original Brand!

Rachel Robyn soaps are handmade by cold process. Ingredients are heated to no more than 120 degrees, then poured into our open molds. Open molds allow the soap the cure more naturally, allowing air bubbles to escape and the oils to distribute throughout the soap loaf. After cooling and curing for 3-5 weeks, the soaps are cut into bars. There is always some natural variation in color.

Gardeners Pumice Soap, 6oz bar

Pumice is a powerful exfoliant. It scrubs to remove dead skin cells, while other product ingredients help to smooth and soften. Pumice is the cooled, hardened and frothy part of volcanic lava. It's porous and lightweight, and has been long been used as an abrasive in cleaning, polishing and scouring products.


Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Pumice, Essential Oils.

*No artificial coloring, preservatives, detergents, or fragrances.

Approx Net Weight 5oz

For Best Results

Pumice is rough and abrasive! Best used for cleaning hands and body. Use caution on your face, NOT recommended for sensitive skin, 

Wet your hands with warm, not hot, water. Build up a lather in your hands. Massage into your skin. Enjoy the lather and the refreshing smells. Rinse with warm or cool water. Pat dry with a clean towel and smile.

Care for Your Soap

Bars stay fresh up to 2 years from purchase.

To preserve and extend the life of your soap bars, store dry on a draining soap dish.

Made in Brooklyn, NY 11223. 

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