Rustic Maka- Body Exfoliator
Rustic Maka

Rustic Maka- Body Exfoliator

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EXFOLIATE Takes Two To Mango Chamomile Infused Organic Sugar Body Scrub means no more dry, flaky skin. Delivering silky smooth skin in a fruity blend of Mango and Orange, this scrub exfoliates with organic cane sugar and nourishes with Chamomile infused Camellia oil.

- Goes great with the Mango Body Butter too!

So much body love! This body scrub polishes the skin to baby-soft perfection, while nourishing Chamomile-infused oils penetrate deep to seal the moisture in, and a healthy dose of Plum oil delivers skin-benefiting active compounds and essential fatty acids. Perfection.

SCENT: Takes Two To Mango
SIZE: 10 oz

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