JFB Store Policy


Thank you for your interest in Junk Free Beauty. We are happy to help you reach your skincare and beauty goals. Please read the following policies to help us help you in this exciting endeavor.





This is conversation in which the employee learns of the customer’s skincare goals, current routine, skin/health issues, allergies, concerns, prior product use,  lifestyle, etc


  • All first-time customers must have one in store consultation before purchasing.
  • If a consultation cannot be made in store, she may request a phone consult by e-mailing info@junkfreebeauty.com. However, in-store consults are highly recommended
  • All purchases are made AT THE CUSTOMER’S RISK. If she is concerned about a reaction or allergy, or has a sensitivity to smell or texture,  she is welcome to come into the store and test the product for free. She can also take home samples of the product (only retrievable in store)  to test for longer periods of time.
  • Under no circumstances will we take back an open product. The customer is entitled to come in and test products before purchase.
  • Employees will guide a customer towards a skincare routine based on research, experience, and brand training. We cannot guarantee results. The purchase is at the customer’s risk.


  • No orders will be processed through Instagram.
  • To make an order, please e-mail info@junkfreebeauty.com or call/text us at 1-718-616-8177 during business hours
  • Our business hours are typically 10:30 - 5 Monday-Thursday , 10:30-3 on Fridays, and closed on weekends. Please check Instagram daily (via the app or as featured on our website, www.junkfreebeauty.com) as these hours are subject to change.
  • If a customer cannot make those hours and needs to request an after-hours appointment, please e-mail info@junkfreebeauty.com
  • To make an order, you must know which products you want. Otherwise, please come in and we are happy to help guide your purchase.


Gift Purchase/ Gift Card

  • To make an order for a gift or gift card, please e-mail us or call/text during work hours with the following information:
    • Contents of the gift/ gift card
    • Who the gift is from
    • Who the gift is going to
    • Method of payment
    • Method of retrieval
    • Receiver address (if delivering)
    • Content of written card
  • Gifts may only be returned or exchanged if unopened. If a gift receiver is unsure about the product, she may come in and test it or take home a sample before opening.



  • We accept cash, credit card, checks, or Chase Quickpay. Email is info@junkfreebeauty.com
  • CC may only be given over the phone for a purchase of $50 or more. We cannot remotely enter CC numbers for purchases under $50.
  • Cash or checks must be given on store premises only.



  • Deliveries go out approximately twice a week.
  • A customer cannot choose a date of delivery outside of the 2x a week.
  • All purchases must be paid for before delivering.
  • We do not deliver gift cards or purchases under $50.
  • We do offer store curbside service.